Modelling or Modeling is a profession that employs people to advertise, display or promote commercial products, namely consumer goods, cosmetics, designer and fashion clothing, electronic items, jewelry, personal products and services and many more. these contracts are legally binding on both parties.

Nowadays, professional fashion models used modeling as a stepping stone to feature in television shows and movies.

Early years of modeling

In 1853, Charles Frederick Worth, widely regarded as the 'father of haute couture', started the trend of "house model" when he used his wife Marie Vernet Worth as a model to promote the clothes he designed. there were no prescribed formats or requirements for a model to look a particular way or be of a particular type, women of different sizes were used to demonstrate range and variety in clothing designs.

In the 1920s, photo modeling came about as a result of the development of fashion photography, though still in a very nascent stage and more and more models flocked to this suddenly emerging new demand. The Ford Model Agency is one of the oldest and earliest model agencies in the field of professional modeling.